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Sundays, December 5-December 19, at 9:00 am
Led by Pastor Paul Detterman.

Sundays: In-Person & Online

The Colors of Advent

Beginning December 5, join us for a three-week Adult Ed series starting Sunday, December 5. Led by Pastor Paul, the series will explore the meaning behind the colors of Advent—purple, pink, and blue.

View last week, Purple, here!

In-person or online (passcode in the Thursday email)

Bible Geeks recordings below.
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Bible Geeks | Handouts & Recordings of Past Sessions

This season of Bible Geeks will be focused on the topic of Old Testament Theology. As we are going through the New City Catechism this year, we are beginning with foundational questions of our faith rooted in the Old Testament Scriptures. Yet these were written to a people and a culture far different from ours…and it had a meaning to them at the time, which means it has to make sense in their cultural context. How can we, as 21st century people, understand what God revealed in the Old Testament – such as things about food, clothing, prophecy, sin, salvation, etc.? In Bible Geeks this year, we will attempt to bridge the context from the Ancient Near East to the 21st Century United States and see what we, as modern Christians, can take away from God’s revelation in the Old Testament.

The schedule will be as follows:
10/17 – Who is the God of the Old Testament? 
10/24 – What is the purpose of humanity and the cosmos?
10/31 – What is the Old Testament’s theology of covenant and the kingdom of God?
11/7 –  What is the role of the Temple and the Law?
11/14 – How does the Old Testament understand sin and evil?
11/21 – What is the Old Testament’s view of salvation and the afterlife?

For those interested in getting deeper into the material, the main inspiration for this class is John Walton’s book Old Testament Theology for Christians. You are not required to read the book to attend the class, but if you find the subject matter interesting, this would be a terrific supplement for the class.

Ryan Schumacher, Bible Geeks leader, records content for each week for his YouTube channel, separate from the Adult Ed class. You may view those recordings anytime here at Bible Geeks on YouTube.


A note from Ryan:
There were two questions in particular that deserved a better follow-up than I was able to give in the class today. This afternoon, I recorded quick answers to those particular questions and have posted them as supplemental videos below. 

Week 1 Pre-Recorded Video: Here. Class slides can be found here.
Question 1 – Is the Spirit of God in Genesis 1:2 the Holy Spirit?I had made the point that we shouldn’t read Trinitarian theology into Genesis 1:26 (“Let us make humankind in our image), and that this was more likely to be divine council language given the ANE context. There was a question about how to understand “The Spirit of God” in Genesis 1:2 – how would we read this if it’s not Trinitarian? I did a little more research on that and have posted a more detailed answer here

Question 2 – Did Jesus Say There Are Other Gods?We got into a discussion that I didn’t adequately finish today about what it meant for Jesus to quote Psalm 82 (I said “you are gods, sons of the most high”) when he was defending his divinity. On its face, it sounds like Jesus is saying that it’s no big deal for Him to call Himself God because there were lots of other gods. As I said in class today, I don’t think that’s the proper reading, but I didn’t give a complete answer as to why. Here’s the full response to that question. 

Next week, we’ll cover the Old Testament Theology of creation, and get into what the ancient understanding of the Image of God is. I look forward to seeing you all again!

A note from Ryan:
Thanks for another great class! We had a terrific turnout – 35 people between in-person and virtual. I’m humbled and grateful for all of you choosing to spend your time learning about the Bible with us. I hope you’re coming away with a rich appreciation for what God has revealed in the Scripture!

Next week, we’ll cover the theology of the covenants and the law. Looking forward to seeing you all again!

Week 2 Pre-Recorded Video: Can be foundhere.
A note from Ryan:

Thanks for another great class today! As always, I thank all of you who chose to spend your time to listen to my lessons on the Bible. The theology of the covenants are among the most important to me personally, and I hope that my passion for their message and importance came through today.

Week 3 Pre-Recorded Video: Can be found here.

Also, for anyone who is looking for previous videos, you can find the YouTube recordings here: 
Class 1 – Who is Yahweh?
Class 2 – Theology of Creation
Playlist of all videos from this season here (you can save this link, as all videos related to this class in the future will end up here too)

Previous live zoom classes are available on our church Youtube Channel:
Class 1 Live – Who is Yahweh?
Class 2 Live – Theology of Creation

Next week, we’ll cover the Sinai Covenant and the theological significance of the Law. I think this will be a really eye-opening one for those who haven’t studied it before. Looking forward to seeing you all again!

A note from Ryan:
Thanks again for coming out to Bible Geeks this morning. Hopefully today’s class was a helpful perspective on the Sinai law and why Christians follow some, but not all, of those rules.

Week 4 Video: Can be found here
Season 7 Playlist: All prior weeks videos can be found here
Next week’s class is about Satan! We’ll also talk about the perspective of the Old Testament on demons and sin generally. I’m looking forward to this one, as I think it’s going to involve a lot of new concepts and ideas for us. Hope to see you there!


A note from Ryan:
I really enjoyed our discussion of satan & evil today. I know it was new and challenging content, but one of the things I love about this group is how many of you are willing to come out and engage with this kind of deep material. It says a lot about our church that we have so many people interested in this level of study!

Week 5 Video: Can be found here.
Season 7 Playlist: All prior weeks videos can be found here.
Next week is our last week! We’re on to our final topic, the Old Testament view of Salvation & the Afterlife. More challenging content ahead, but I know you’re all up for it! Looking forward to seeing you next week.


A note from Ryan:

Truly, thank you to all of you who have attended Bible Geeks over the past six weeks. I’ve enjoyed every class, and I tried to include new and challenging things in every single one of them. I really enjoyed the topic (thanks to Nancy & Terry for encouraging me to pick this one!), and I hope you left the class with a deeper, richer understanding of the Bible.
Week 6 Video: Here
Season 7 Playlist: All prior weeks videos can be found here.