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Fall 2022

September 11 – October 9
What Would You Say? Practicing Conversations About Your Faith

Join us for this four-week hands-on series, led by Lynn Hancock.

See the Thursday email for a link to join virtually.

September 28
Exodus World Service Presents a Refugee Simulation

We interrupt Lynn’s series for a special one-week presentation by Exodus World Service.  

This story-driven simulation gives participants the opportunity to take on the roles of refugees forced to flee their homeland, and consider what refugees experience when fleeing war and persecution. An Exodus facilitator will guide your group to understand the complex refugee journey. What will you bring? Who will you encounter? What life-changing decisions will you make? The activity ends with a debrief and reflections on the choices made.

Come join us to learn more about the refugee experience and what role we can play to support them right here in Chicago. See the Thursday email for a link to join us virutally.