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10 Ways to Serve

as a Small Group


Experience the joy of serving together as a Small Group.  Here are some ways to serve others and experience fellowship in a different setting:


1. Worship: (contact: Rich Davis)

  • make banners for the sanctuary
  • perform a drama
  • sing for an Offertory
  • help decorate for a season (Advent/Christmas, Lent/Easter)

2. Building & Grounds: (contact: Rick Sutton)

  • adopt one the flowers beds
  • paint a classroom
  • shovel snow early Sunday morning

3. Senior Citizens/Shut-ins: (contact: Rich Davis)

  • clean their gutters
  • put up/take down their storm windows
  • rake their leaves
  • lead a worship time at a nursing home

4. Care for the Sick/Hospitalized: (contact: Rich Davis)

  • provide meals for someone just out of hospital, just home with new baby
  • provide meals for someone going through extended medical treatments

5. Ready Set Go: (contact: Susie Kovic)

  • coordinate the food for the end-of-the-week parents program
  • volunteer to chaperon a field trip

6. Vacation Bible School: (contact: Lynette Colmey)

  • coordinate the food for the end-of-the-week parents program
  • provide/coordinate snacks for the week

7. Kid's Night: (contact: Susie Kovic)

  • volunteer to lead/chaperon these monthly outreachs

8. Adult Small Groups: (contact: Rich Davis)

  • help launch a new group

9. Missions: (contact: Jan Long Harris)

10. Start Something New!  (contact: Rich Davis)

Last Published: February 25, 2019 9:46 AM
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