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God's Heart for the PoorScripture passages that reveal

God's Heart for the Poor



Old Testament Passages

New Testament Passages

Gen. 1:26-27  Creation Story: All humans bear God's image (see also: Gen. 9:6).

Gen. 3:1-24  The Fall: Humans are alienated from God and each other.

Gen. 15:12-14  Egypt punished because it oppressed people.

Exo. 20:12-17  The Commandments: More than half of the it focuses on our relationship with other human beings.

Deu. 6:1-11  God hears the cries of oppressed people.

Lev. 19:18  We are to love neighbor as self.

Job 29:11-17  God has a special concern for the poor, oppressed, and abused.

Psa. 35:10  God is praised because He cares for the poor, outcast and oppressed. (See also: Psa. 69:30-33; Psa. 109:30-31; Psa. 113:5-11.)

Psa. 103:6  God cares for the oppressed and their rights. (See also: Psa 12:5; Psa 140:12.)

Psa. 146  Praise & trust God who is Creator of all things and defender of the poor.

Prov. 17:5  If you make fun of a poor person, you are insulting God who made them.

Prov. 19:17  Giving to the poor is like lending to God.

Jer. 22:3  We're called to not oppress the poor and to defend them when they are by others.

Jer. 22:13-17  Earthly rulers are to act with justice: they are to care for the poor, they are not too pursue the accumulation of possessions, they are to be honest.  (Note: these are laws for the physical realm.)

Amos 4:1-3  Wealthy women who mistreat the poor will be punished.

Zeph. 3:1  Jerusalem is doomed because it oppresses people.

Zech. 7:10  Do not oppress the poor.

Matt. 20:25-28  In contrast to acting superior, we are to be servants of others.

Matt. 22:35-40  Jesus says the greatest commandment is to love God with everything, and neighbor as self.

Matt. 23:23-24  We are to be more concerned about justice, mercy and faithfulness than about religious ceremony or custom.

Mark 10:17-31  Following Christ means giving up that which is most precious to us, for the rich young ruler this meant serving his poor neighbors.

Luke 4:16-20  Jesus first sermon expressed concern for the poor and oppressed.

Rom. 12:1-21  Being conformed to God's will includes: humility, unity, using one's gifts for others, love, caring for the needy, practicing hospitality, forgiving those who persecute or offend, overcoming evil with good.

Eph. 2:11-22  Before meeting Christ we were alienated from God and each other; now we are alive and are one in Christ, who is our peace-maker.

Heb. 13:16  We are to care for all persons.

Jam. 2:1-8  We are not to show favoritism to the wealthy over the poor.

Jam. 2:14-24  Faith that does not lead to concrete action is meaningless.

1 John 4:7-21  Christ's love for us compels us to love others (see also 1 John 3:11-18).








(For more, see the book Cry Justice by Ron Sider)

Last Published: August 22, 2019 11:08 AM
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