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Rev. Dr. Paul Detterman
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Rev. Allison Lundeen
Parish Associate

World with Interlocking Hands


Twelve Critical

Global Prayer Needs

Possible Monthly Prayer Focus (one per month)



  1. International terrorism: suicide bombing, chemical, biological and nuclear warfare.
  2. Korean Peninsula: dictatorial transition, unstable nuclear abilities, reunification.
  3. The future of Jerusalem: conflict between Israelis, Palestinians, and surrounding Arab countries.
  4. Caucasus: ethnic hatreds, radical Islam, secessionist movements, Russian imperialism.
  5. Afghanistan & Pakistan: religious extremism, foreign military presence, unstable governments, global terrorism.
  6. Central Africa: ethnic tensions & lawless militias in Uganda and Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  7. China: global confidence & assertiveness, internal ethnic discrimination, looming demographic/economic shifts.
  8. Sudan/Darfur  awkward truce, southern independence, mass poverty.
  9. Iran: hunger for nuclear weapons, influence in Iraq, anger at the West, unrest at home.
  10. Somalia: failed state, human suffering, Islamic extremism.
  11. Mexico-US Drug Corridor: American appetites, violent cartels, governmental policies.
  12. Southeast Asian Corridor: Myanmar junta brutality, socio-political chasm in Thailand, Islamic unrest/threats.

(Adapted from Operation World, 7th Edition 2010)

Last Published: September 26, 2018 4:16 PM
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