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You and your family can learn about our missionaries (and the places that they serve) in a variety of creative ways.  Here are some ideas:

1. Purchase a world map or globe.  Locate a missionary's setting on the map.  Pray for them that week.

2. Watch a DVD, read a book, or do some research on the nation (setting/people) served by one of our missionaries.  (See #10-12 below, for ideas)

3. Create a profile of a missionary (name, birthday, their children's names, interests, ministry role/duties, daily needs, etc.  Make this a contact on your smart phone/computer (with reminders).  Collect pictures of them/their setting.  For children: make a poster for the refrigerator/bedroom.  Use these reminders to pray for them, send birthday cards or occasional notes.

4. Immerse yourself in another culture at least once a year.  This might entail attending an ethnic celebration or experience, dining at an authentic ethnic restaurant, or inviting an international person/family over for dinner at your home.

5. Have your Small Group, Bible Study, or class adopt a missionary/missions project.  Pray for them, find practical ways to serve/assist them.

6. Organize care packages to be sent out to various missionaries (or their children).

7. Invite international students into your home to celebrate Christian/national holidays or the student's birthday.

8. House a foreign exchange student.

9. Prepare an ethic meal (weekly or monthly) or host an international/ethnic potluck.

10. Purchase and use the prayer guide Operation World by Jason Mandryk.

11. Read History of Christian Missions (by Stephen Neill), From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya (by Ruth Tucker), On Being a Missionary (by Thomas Hale).

12. Purchase/borrow the Atlas of Global Christianity (edited by Johnson & Ross).  A beautiful and comprehensive coffee table sized book that shows the trends of different movements, people groups, denominations, etc..  One of our supported missionaries (Darrell Dorr)  was very involved with its publication.

13. Do a "vacation with a purpose" by visiting one of our missionaries.

14. Start a prayer group that focuses prayer on the nations in the 10/40 Window, a particular people group (eg: Muslims), or revival in areas once open to the Gospel (eg: in Europe or here in USA).

15. Pray for world issues, leaders, or situations as you read/hear news reports.

Last Published: September 26, 2018 4:17 PM
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