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Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) is a Christ-centered international program that has been instrumental in leading mothers and their children to Jesus through friendships, creativity, hospitality, and leadership training. The local chapter of MOPS meets twice monthly here at First Pres and provides ministry to mothers and their young children. Each meeting involves small group discussions and a speaker or a craft, all in a welcoming and friendly setting. It provides essential mom-time to learn something new and have valuable adult social time - a rare thing during the young children season! At the same time, their child(ren) attends an educational program designed for their specific age group.

Service-Volunteer Opportunity:  The local chapter is run by the moms who attend. There are many volunteer opportunities on the steering committee and for events. Do you have a talent or desire to help in a specific area? They're sure they'll have a need to fulfill it! 

Contact information:

Barbara M. is the local chapter's Coordinator for 2019-20. Email her at oprfmops@gmail.com.

Rev. Allison Lundeen is the local chapter's adviser.

MOPS local website: www.mops.org/groups/oprf

MOPS' International website: www.mops.org


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Last Published: August 22, 2019 10:06 AM
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