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Missions: We're on the Move

As Jesus as ascended to His throne, he said "You will be witnesses to me, not only in Jerusalem, not only throughout Judea, not only in Samaria, but to the very ends of the earth!" (Acts 1:18, Phillips).  Jerusalem is the community of which you are a part. Judea is that which is physically close and familiar. Samaria represents that which may be culturally different and unfamiliar. Ends of the earth reminds us that Jesus came that every people group might have the chance to hear and respond to His grace and call.

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There are many wonderful ways to get personally involved in missions. Is there a ministry on these web-pages that catches your interest, or touches your heart? Pray, reflect and dialogue with others about how God is leading you live out the scope of your calling in His Kingdom. We hope that engaging in this portion of our website will invigorate your walk with Christ as you go out into the world.

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