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We are a community dedicated to growing in Jesus Christ through worship, prayer, study of the Bible, and service.
We are committed to exemplifying God's love, in word and deed, by caring for one another, our neighbors, and the world.

Giving Tuesday



Make your gift to First Pres go further on Giving Tuesday!


Double your ImpactTHANK YOU to Dan Browne and Forest Insurance! We have met your match of $2,000!

THANK YOU to Jim Hunt and Wells Fargo! We have met your Capital Campaign match of $2,001

THANK YOU to Maryellen Betke! We have met your match of $2,022

We have about $2,000 left of the $3,000 anonymous giver's matching gift left!

We have set a simply audacious goal
to raise $10,000, including matching gifts!

We have exceeded that goal by AT LEAST double!

First Pres is a place where God's grace is seen daily through each of its members. We are so grateful for your generosity!




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capital campaign logo


Give to our Capital Campaign and Jim Hunt will match your gift up to $2,001! The Capital Campaign is to pay off our debt and free First Pres to do more! We are less than $250,000 away from our $1 million goal!

Memo/Designation: Capital Campaign




Please make note of the "Memo/Designation" to enter online, or write on the memo line. Thank you!

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Social Hall AV


Social Hall A/V System Upgrade. The A/V in our Social Hall was installed 10 years ago. We’d like to upgrade so that our system can support current needs.

            Want: 1

            AMOUNT LEFT: $3,000

            Memo/Designation: Building & Grounds

Primary Room carpet

Primary Room Carpeting. Our Primary Room on the lower level is a popular meeting place. We use this room for our 1st-6th grade Sunday School, for Bible Geeks, for Women’s Bible Study, and a host of other meetings and events. The carpet is worn and torn and should be replaced.

            Want: 1       

            Cost: $3,000

            Memo/Designation: Building & Grounds


Bathroom updates

Lower Level Bathroom Updates. While the four bathrooms on the lower level are functional, they are in need of a makeover! Paint, countertop, sink, tile, and the like.

            Want: 4                          

            Cost: $2,500 each

            Memo/Designation: Building & Grounds

Gaga Ball Pit

Gaga Pit. There is nothing that brings a group of active youth together quicker than a gaga pit!

            PAID FOR!!!!

Timothy Botts art

Art for the Children’s Stairway. Timothy Botts is a noted local calligrapher and illustrator. First Pres currently has three beautiful original Timothy Botts images of calligraphic Bible verses on our walls. The landing on the west stairway up to the second floor would be a perfect place for another colorful, original piece of Timothy Botts artwork.

            PAID FOR!!!

Digital Signage

Digital Signage. Digital signage will provide more dynamic, relevant content in a surprisingly inexpensive manner.

           RECEIVED 1 of 3!  WANT: 2                        

            Cost: $300 each

            Memo/Designation: Building & Grounds


Projector & Speakers. Our studies and meetings increasingly use sound and projection. We currently move projectors as we need them on a first-come, first-serve basis. Additional projectors allow more spaces to leverage technology without having to wheel projectors from room to room.

            PAID FOR!!!

Scout Room Screen

Screen for the Scout Room. We have cleaned out the Scout Room on the lower level to be able to use this space. The addition of a projection screen on the west wall would increase the functionality of this room.

            PAID FOR!!!

CD MP3 Players

Music for Sunday School Rooms. Children love music! Each of our Sunday School rooms would benefit from a portable CD/MP3 player.

            PAID FOR!!!


Hymnals. We would like to complete our set of hymnals so that each pew has enough hymnals for everyone.

            Want: 140        

            Cost: $17 each

            Memo/Designation: Music Ministry

Nursery Toys

New Nursery Toys.  Once our nursery is remodeled, we would love some new toys for our children.

            Want: Any amount

            Cost: Any amount       

            Memo/Designation: Children’s Ministry

Last Published: December 5, 2019 4:39 PM
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