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Adult Ministries

We are committed to each individual's spiritual formation and discipleship. God's ultimate goal for each one of us is that we become spiritually mature by becoming more and more like Christ in our thoughts, feelings, and actions. With worship as the center of our life, we learn, connect, and serve together in various ways.

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Women's Bible Study (WBS)  First Pres hosts a weekly community women's bible study, WBS, on Thursdays from September through May. You may join anytime. Check the link for current study and dates, and to register.

Men's Bible Study: Men's Community Bible Study is at 7:00  pm in Room 101 (September - April). Join us!

Small Groups: First Pres has numerous small groups that meet throughout the week in homes, at restaurants, and in the church. These groups of 6-10 adults meet to study, discuss and nurture relationships.

Adult Christian Education: Various classes, including Bible Geeks.

Read through the Bible in a year with M'Cheyne's Bible Reading Plan.

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Progressive Dinner: February 2019 was our 7th Annual First Pres Progressive Dinner, one of the most popular events of the year! Join us next year!.

Neighborhood Prayer: Each week on Wednesdays at 11:30 am, First Pres goes out into our community to pray with our neighbors. See where we are this week and join us as we pray.

Thirsty 30 (coffee/snack time): Between our two worship services all ages gather in the Social Hall. Come make a connection.

MOPS: (Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers) meets at First Pres two Fridays each month.

Annual All-Church Retreat: This weekend retreat is an annual favoriate, and great way to connect and build relationships.

Annual Women's Retreat: Renew, refresh, and grow in faith together.

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Become a Kitchen Samaritan.

Thirsty 30 needs snack volunteers!

Other Ways to Serve: There are many ways to use your gifts, time and energy in our life together.

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Stephen Ministry logoStephen Ministers are trained lay people provide Christ-centered care for those experiencing stress



Bible Reading Plan

Small Group Resources

Comfort Scriptures



Group Contracts


Formulating a Contract (Covenant)


Definition: Covenanting -- Contracting.  An agreement made by the whole Small Group.  It clarifies two distinct, yet related, aspects of group life:  what the group is striving to achieve or become (goals & purposes); and how the group assumes it is going to achieve these goals (strategies & activities).

Reasons for Covenanting:

  1. Biblical implications (Acts 1:4; Heb. 10:24-25; Eph. 4:15-16)
  2. Establishes intentionality
  3. Provides freedom for defining expectations
  4. Provides accountability
  5. Enhances commitment
  6. Serves as a reference for evaluation
  7. Tangible way to say "I love you"

When to Covenant:

  1. When a growing level of trust has been established by the group.
  2. When the leader has become a member and members feel comfortable.
  3. Caution: too ambitious or exacting a commitment too early in a group's life can be frustrating and cause feelings of inadequacy.

Types of Covenants:

  1. Assumed = each member has an idea, but it is never talked about.
  2. Purchased = the details are set up by another person(s) and you buy into it (e.g. you join an existing group and you accept their working covenant).
  3. Imposed = details established by a supervising person or group.
  4. Negotiated = the group agrees together on the ingredients of the covenant.

Steps of Covenanting:

  1. Talk about individual needs, hopes, dreams, and visions.
  2. Cluster concerns together under the four components of small group life.
  3. Make specific statements of what you as a group would like to commit yourselves to.
  4. Check each statement with each member.
  5. Finalize the covenant, and have each member sign it.
  6. Support the covenant by encouraging one another and by reviewing it periodically.

Questions for Consideration:  Roberta Hestenes (in Using the Bible in Groups) offers some helpful questions around which to design a contract.

      Major Questions

  1. Relationships: How will we build relationships among our members?
  2. Scripture: How will we use the Bible in our life together?
  3. Prayer: What part will prayer occupy in our group?
  4. Mission: How will we be involved in outreach together?
  5. Intensity: What level of commitment and work do we want in our group?  How hard do we want to work?
  6. Leadership: What pattern of leadership do we want?  Who is willing to take responsibility to help us achieve our goals?

      Supplementary Questions

  1. Why do we want to have a small group?
  2. What do I personally want to get out of this group?
  3. What goals do we want to adopt as a small group?
  4. What do we want to happen in and through us as a result of our involvement together?
  5. What ingredients do we want to include in our group?
  6. What don't we want to do in our group?
  7. What will make this group "successful" or worth the time involved?
  8. What do we want to do during our group meeting times?

Issues to Consider:

  • attendance commitment
  • membership (who can join and when)
  • duration of commitment to group
  • frequency of meetings
  • length of meetings
  • place of meetings
  • refreshments
  • prayer partnerships
  • personal disciplines outside of meetings
  • worship during meetings
  • confidentiality
Last Published: February 25, 2019 9:47 AM
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