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Rev. Dr. Paul Detterman
Senior Pastor

Rev. Allison Lundeen
Parish Associate


Adult Ministries

We are committed to each individual's spiritual formation and discipleship. God's ultimate goal for each one of us is that we become spiritually mature by becoming more and more like Christ in our thoughts, feelings, and actions. With worship as the center of our life, we learn, connect, and serve together in various ways.

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Women's Bible Study (WBS)  First Pres hosts a weekly community women's bible study, WBS, on Thursdays from September through May. You may join anytime. Check the link for current study and dates, and to register.

Men's Bible Study: Men's Community Bible Study is at 7:00  pm in Room 101 (September - April). Join us!

Small Groups: First Pres has numerous small groups that meet throughout the week in homes, at restaurants, and in the church. These groups of 6-10 adults meet to study, discuss and nurture relationships.

Adult Christian Education: Various classes, including Bible Geeks.

Read through the Bible in a year with M'Cheyne's Bible Reading Plan.

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Progressive Dinner: February 2019 was our 7th Annual First Pres Progressive Dinner, one of the most popular events of the year! Join us next year!.

Neighborhood Prayer: Each week on Wednesdays at 11:30 am, First Pres goes out into our community to pray with our neighbors. See where we are this week and join us as we pray.

Thirsty 30 (coffee/snack time): Between our two worship services all ages gather in the Social Hall. Come make a connection.

MOPS: (Mothers Of Pre-Schoolers) meets at First Pres two Fridays each month.

Annual All-Church Retreat: This weekend retreat is an annual favoriate, and great way to connect and build relationships.

Annual Women's Retreat: Renew, refresh, and grow in faith together.

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Become a Kitchen Samaritan.

Thirsty 30 needs snack volunteers!

Other Ways to Serve: There are many ways to use your gifts, time and energy in our life together.

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Stephen Ministry logoStephen Ministers are trained lay people provide Christ-centered care for those experiencing stress



Bible Reading Plan

Small Group Resources

Comfort Scriptures



TrustQuestions for Building Community

1.    What is the best vacation you ever took and why?

2.    What is your favorite place in the house and why?

3.    When you have some free time to yourself, what do you like to do?

4.    If you could receive one unexpected present, what would it be?

5.    What is one job you enjoy doing around your home and why?

6.    What is one place in the United States that you would really like to visit, why?

7.    If you could pick one character in fiction, TV, or the comics to identify with, who would that be and why?

8.    If you could pick one person in the Bible (or church history) that you would like to be like, who would that be and why?

9.    Where did you live and what were you doing when you were in the sixth grade?

10.    What is one thing, or person, that gives you great satisfaction/joy?

11.    What did you most like to do when you were a child?

12.    Choose one object/thing in this room and describe a feeling, memory, or thought that it evokes in you.

13.    When, if ever, did God become more than a word to you?

14.    When was the first time you heard about Jesus and what did you think about Him?

15.    What is one thing you worried about (or were concerned with) this week? 

What is one thing that gave you joy this week?

16.    What is one area where you would like to grow in your walk with Christ? 

What kind of help do you need in order to do it?

17.    What is one personal relationship you would like to work on?  Why?  How?

18.    If you could wave a magic wand that would make your marriage (or family, job, church, friendships) perfect, how would it be different from how it is now? 

What one step could you take to move toward that now?

Last Published: February 25, 2019 9:48 AM
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