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Members of First Presbyterian Church of River Forest are people who have chosen to publicly identify with this particular people of God.  Our members come from a variety of denominational backgrounds.  There are two types of Membership in addition to being a Regular Attending Non-Member. 

Member:  these people have all the rights and responsibilities of membership in our local congregation.  They are able to take part in the government of this congregation (such as being an officer of the congregation: Elder or Deacon), being with others in the congregation when we select Elders & Deacons, voting on extending a call to a Pastor).  Here are the Vows of Membership.

Affiliate Member:  these people have a primary Membership in a separate local congregation.  But they find themselves (usually for a specified period of time) geographically separated from that congregation.  They chose to become an Affiliate Member with us to show they are still part of the a local church, even while they are away from their home congregation.  This category of membership is often used by college students who are in our area.  It is also sometimes used by missionaries who are not able to be regularly part of our life together.  These Affiliate Members do not have the rights and responsibilities in our congregation that full Members have.

Regular Attending Non-Member:  these people are part of the sphere of relationships, ministry and mission of our congregation, but have not chosen to become an official Member.  Therefore they do not have the rights and responsibilities mentioned above.  They do, however, participate in worship, service, small groups, classes and activities of our congregation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a Member starts with attending the Inquirers' Class.

Last Published: August 8, 2016 12:46 PM
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